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Full design and project management of Industrial and Municiple

  • SCREENING: This is the first step in water and wastewater treatment. We provide a complete range of screens for removal of gross and suspended solids.

  • DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION: We offer unique short detention time, high surface loading dissolved air flotation units for higher efficiencies and higher consistency sludges. These are particularly suited to waste water applications, paper mills, industrial , biological sludge thickening and algae removal from drinking waters.

  • grit2GRIT REMOVAL: We offer a complete range of grit removal and grit washing equipment including the patented Smith & Loveless Pista grit removal system . We have units specifically designed for specific industries including the pulp and paper industry.

  • CLARIFIERS: We have a complete range of clarifiers and thickeners for removal of suspended solids. We can supply complete units or part supply drive mechanisms.

  • CONVEYORS: We offer a complete range of shaftless and conventional shafted conveyors.

  • grit1SLUDGE DEWATERING: We offer a range of dewatering equipment for dewatering biological or chemical sludges. A range of belt presses from 500mm wide to 3000mm wide with either rotary drum or gravity table thickening.

  • CONTINUOUS SAND FILTERS: We have a new and improved technology for the continuous cleaning of sand filters. Continuous sand filters require no downtime for backwashing and have no moving parts.

  • MICROFILTERS: We can offer a range of cloth type filters for screening as fine as 5-10 microns.
  • UV INLINE DISINFECTION: We offer the Berson Inline 'next generation' UV system which is based on more than 30 years of experience in water & wastewater treatment.

  • PACKAGED AEROBIC WASTEWATER PLANTS: We offer the FAST aerobic, fixed film, packed bed reactor designed specifically for shock loads.
    • TITAN MBR - membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment and water re-use.

  • SOLAR POWERED CIRCULATION AND MIXING EQUIPMENT: We offer the Solarbee, solar powered circulation mixer for control of blue green algae and circulation issues in ponds, power station cooling ponds and dams.

  • verticalOZONE GENERATORS: We offer from ozone generators from small generators to large units for large municpalities.

  • ANAEROBIC TREATMENT: We offer Global Waters' high rate anaerobic processes for the supply of state-of-the-art affordable treatment of medium and high strength organic waste water.

  • BIOGAS REUSE: We offer Global Waters' know-how in generating biogas with the supply and handling systems for fossil fuel system replacement and power generation.

  • Compactors: We offer a range of solids dewatering compactors.

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