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Retro Fast

Septic System Enhancement
Conventional septic systems utilize a septic tank to hold non-soluble materials and a soil absorption component (leach fields, for example) to provide the majority of treatment and disperse the wastewater. Over time, the soil absorption component can build up a clogging layer which can eventually prevent the wastewater from moving away from the system and through the soil. Sluggish flushing, soggy lawns, plumbing system backups or even surfacing wastewater can result. These unpleasant symptoms may force property owners to completely replace their soil absorption system. This drastic form of repair can be very costly and damaging to the existing property. There simply hasn't been much choice...until now.

Dependable, Affordable FAST
RetroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are used as an enhancement for conventional septic systems and provide a simple upgrade to renovate biologically failed septic systems. RetroFAST also reduces the concentration of high strength waste, making it a good fit for many troubled systems. When used with new home construction, the RetroFAST delivers high levels of treatment to help assure the clogging layer never forms in the first place.

Minimal Site Disruption
RetroFAST is designed to be adapted and inserted into anexisting tank resulting in minimal site disruption. Minor modification to the existing soil absorption system may be advisable.
Low cost, long lasting solution
Modernizing the wastewater treatment system with RetroFAST increases value and usefulness of the property.

Simple, Dependable Retrofit
Small communities now have a practical, proven alternative to cost prohibitive centralized sewer systems. Septic systems can receive significant upgrades in their performance (including Nitrogen reduction) with the appropriate use of RetroFAST.

How Does It Work?
When highly treated wastewater with dissolved oxygen is applied to a biologically failing soil absorption system, the clogging layer can actually repair itself. This occurs because RetroFAST® removes the type of pollutants that originally formed the clogging layer, and RetroFAST’s oxygenated effluent fosters the development of aerobic bacteria in the soil that will naturally digest the existing clog.

Will it Work At My Site?
Most new conventional systems or biologically failed systems are good candidates for enhancement with RetroFAST, but every situation is unique. Please consult Bio-Microbics or the dealer nearest you for more information to determine if RetroFAST is right for your application.

Proven, Safe, Reliable.
The advanced technology behind FAST® was originally developed by Smith & Loveless, Inc., a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment since 1946. FAST has been used successfully for over 30 years in municipal, industrial, marine, commercial and residential applications.

Contact Us now to discuss how a RetroFAST® wastewater treatment systems can meet your needs.

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